10 Things to Toss From Your Attic ASAP: How Many Are Hiding in Yours?

 In Home Improvement, Interior Design

realtor.com – Most of us don’t give our attics a whole lot of thought unless we hear creepy sounds emanating from the dank place. Typically, we stash stuff and shut the door as the piles up there grow higher and higher. Clearing the clutter, however, can clear the way for so many possibilities. Some people renovate their attics, transforming them into playrooms, loft bedrooms, offices, and more. And even if you have no grand plan for the extra space, it’s still good to take inventory up there to see what you really need to keep in this space—and more important, what you don’t.

Here are 10 things to clear out of your attic ASAP. Be ruthless. You’ll feel cleansed afterward, at least spiritually. {READ MORE}
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