7 Outdoor Improvement Projects You Can Start—and Finish—This Weekend

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Warmer weather offers the perfect opportunity to get started on a home improvement project. But if you’re anything like us, you probably fear starting something you can’t finish, especially when there are so many summer distractions. Pool parties, vacations, that new season of “Arrested Development”—you name it, there’s a reason you’re not getting a huge project completed in these wonderful, balmy months.

But before you give up entirely, know this: There are plenty of projects that can be started—and finished—in the course of a single weekend. Sometimes even in less than a day! That leaves you plenty of time to sit back and admire your handiwork.

As you canvass your property for ways to pump up your style, think about small details for your garden, front porch, or lawn. Next, check out the kits available at home improvement stores and garden centers to see if there’s a blueprint that’ll make your building process a bit smoother.

1. Give your front door a face-lift

Time: Most of a (sunny) weekend

Tools: A quart each of exterior paint and primer, sandpaper, paint roller, paint pan, 2-inch angled paintbrush

Tired of your boring old door but reluctant to entirely replace it? “A front door face-lift requires just a single can of paint and primer,” reports Megan Lewis, a Lowe’s expert.

To start, decide whether you want to remove the door to paint, or paint it in place. If you do the latter, you can tape off the edges so paint won’t splatter the frame. No matter what, remove the hardware first.

Then match new paint to the type of door you have (wood, metal, etc.) and sand away marks or bumps so the fresh coat adheres. Next, apply a primer and then two coats of paint—be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly. (Depending on the color, you might need a third coat.) Use the angled brush for small nooks and the roller for the panels.


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