‘Devastating’: Rental Affordability Has Hit a New Record Low

Trying to find a cheap apartment? Good luck. Rental affordability hit a record low, with even middle-income tenants taking a large hit to their finances in 2022, according to a recent report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. Half of all tenants were classified as “cost-burdened,” which means they’re paying more than 30% of […]

On the House: Congratulations, You Bought a Home—Here’s What You Need To Do Now

Q:What should first-time homeowners know as they settle into their homes? Congratulations, you bought a home! You overcame a myriad of homebuying obstacles to achieve the American dream. You also fixed your monthly housing payments and will hopefully be building equity for years to come. Now that you’re a homeowner, what comes next? You might […]

When Is a Home Seller Paid—and How? The Steps of a Real Estate Transaction

Congrats! You just sold your home quickly for thousands of dollars over the asking price. You may be eyeing that sell price with wide eyes, amazed that a large amount of money will soon be in your bank account. Well, the cash will get to your savings account, but perhaps not as quickly as you hoped—or expected. After all, […]

Hosting Decor Hacks: 5 Stylish Essentials for the Hectic Holiday Season

Somehow, another fall season has come around, and we find ourselves once again preparing for the chaos of the holiday season. And now, the next six weeks will be filled with visiting friends and families, and parties that take weeks to prep for—and days of cleanup afterward. If your plans for the holidays include a […]

Holy Cow! This Former Dairy Barn in Massachusetts Finds New Life as a $700K Farmhouse

Who is ready to mooove into this one-time dairy barn in Hampden, MA? The former bovine abode was built in 1930 and renovated into a spacious farmhouse in 1999. Now the sprawling home is listed for $699,900. “It was a total gut renovation when they did it in 1999,” says listing agent Ryan McDowell, of Naples Realty Group. “They had […]