10 Best Renter-Friendly ZIP Codes in Austin, TX

Austin, TX, is a popular destination for those seeking a vibrant culture, delicious food, and warm weather. Austin also tops the list of markets in the U.S. that favor renting, with the median rent for a studio to two bedrooms at $1,670 as of August 2023 rental data.

But where in Austin, exactly, are the best places to rent? With so many options to choose from, renting in Austin requires careful consideration of proximity to work, school districts, and safety.

That’s why we looked into a combination of Claritas Pop-Facts Demographics 2023 and Realtor.com rental data to identify the top 10 renter-friendly ZIP codes across the Austin metro area. (We’re defining renter-friendliness by which ZIP codes have a higher share of renters compared with homeowners.) We’ll also show which neighborhoods to check out within each ZIP code, with information on median rent, demographics, and more.

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