Breathe In Bliss: 5 Chill Decor Vibes for Your Weary Foyer

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After the holiday rush, it’s easy to fall into a January slump. The days are short and cold, and you’ve packed away the merry rush of festivities until next December. But although the Yuletide buzz may be gone, the new year spark can infuse your home as this magical winter month offers its own tonic: rest.

We know, slowing down can be a hard concept to squeeze into our busy schedules. Yet taking the time to savor the cozy bliss of winter is definitely worthwhile. And perhaps where you transition in and out of your home is the perfect place for a daily pause.

To help you, we’re back this first week of 2022 to bring you five of Instagram’s most inspiringly chill decor vibes for your foyer. Ready to breathe in some bliss the moment you walk in your front door? Keep reading.



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