Home Appraisals 101: 5 Things Appraisers Wish Sellers Knew

Home appraisals are a piece of the selling process where you may have to let go of the reins. Lenders often require the use of their own, FHA-approved home appraiser. That means you get zero say in who’s determining the financial value of the home you’ve lived in, loved, and sunk your savings into. Here are some things sellers can […]

These Are the Riskiest Housing Markets in America Right Now

Some of the nation’s largest housing markets are the most vulnerable to a potential economic downturn. The largest risks were in counties near New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia, according to a recent report from real estate data firm ATTOM. The report was based on home prices, average local wages, the percentage of homes that could be […]

On the House: 10 Ways To Save Money on Buying a Home Today

How can first-time homebuyers save money when mortgage rates are at 20-year highs and home prices are rising again? There’s no doubt that buying a home today is expensive. Mortgage rates are above 7%, home prices have begun climbing again, and bidding wars are back. But for first-time buyers who are determined to become homeowners, […]

Pop Quiz! 5 Insightful Questions to Ask the Neighbors Before You Buy That Home

It’s all coming together: You’ve got your eye on a home, and you’ve called your agent at all hours to tour the place repeatedly and make sure it’s absolutely perfect. You’re ready to lock this down and make an offer. But wait! Have you really gathered all the intel you possibly can? It’s tough, we know, to get an […]

$250M Central Park Penthouse in the World’s Tallest Residential Building Is the Week’s Most Popular Home

It’s all about the superlatives when it comes to describing this high-rolling Central Park penthouse: The biggest unit located atop the world’s tallest residential building is this week’s most popular listing on Realtor.com®. Located 1,416 feet above New York City in Central Park Tower on Billionaires Row, the $250 million triplex in the sky could become “the country’s highest-ever home sale price,” according […]

Put ‘Barbiecore’ on Pause: 5 Ken-Centric Living Room Looks We Love Right Now

It’s undeniable: Most of the trending decor looks of late err on the side of the feminine (OK, “Barbiecore” overload). But there’s something to be said for styling a section of your home, specifically the living room, in more rugged tones. (We see you, Mr. Astronaut Ken!) Of course, we love that surfer bum Ken can […]

Just How Hot Will This Summer’s Housing Market Get?

As the mercury rises, will the housing market heat up—or continue to slump? The story of the housing market over the past year or so has been how rising mortgage interest rates have decimated affordability, sidelining and pricing out would-be homebuyers. However, higher rates have led to an even larger problem: a worsening shortage of […]