5 ‘Cottagecore’ Decor Ideas That Bring Cozy Vibes to the Kitchen

If there’s one decor trend that seems wholly appropriate for the winter months, it’s “cottagecore.” Nailing cottagecore decor in your home is all about embracing the comfort and coziness of rustic, handmade designs that harken back to a slower way of living.

“It’s countryside living viewed through rose-colored spectacles and evokes the feeling of a simple life with home-baked bread, herb gardens, and freshly made lemonade,” says Jen Stark, home improvement expert and founder of Happy DIY Home.

Since many consider the kitchen the heart of the home, it’s one of the best places to live out your cottagecore fantasy. The best part? The stakes are low for achieving this aesthetic as many cottage-inspired looks cost next to nothing and can even be done by yourself if you’re the crafty type.

Here are five of our favorite decor ideas from Instagram at the moment. Keep reading to learn how you can re-create these cozy vibes in your own kitchen.


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