5 Pro Tips for Movers From a Realtor Who Has Helped Countless Families Make Their Next Move

With an average of nearly one dozen moves during life, most Americans have a fair amount of experience packing up and settling in again. Now, imagine how many moving-related tips and tricks a Realtor® learns while watching clients move every week: We’re talking expert-level status when it comes to making a smooth transition from home to home.

While helping countless clients buy and sell homes, Krista Zobel, a Realtor in Lincoln, Nebraska, has amassed a set of pro tips for moving—whether someone is relocating from across the country or just from around the corner.

“As a real estate agent, I guide my clients through small, manageable steps,” she says. “I see a variety of reasons people move. My goal is always to be an asset to the transaction and make the process smooth.”

Here are her top suggestions for moving:

For Full Control Over Your Timeline and Moving Budget, Go DIY

Zobel recognizes that moving is a chance for many sellers to cash in on their equity. To keep as much of those earnings in their pockets as possible, going the DIY route by packing, loading, and driving to the new destination is a great choice.


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