6 Surprising Features To Never, Ever Touch When Renovating Your Home

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If a home renovation is in your future, your hands might be itching to wield that sledgehammer to knock down walls, rip up shag carpet, or oust those dark wood cabinets from your kitchen for good. Yet hold on there—have you considered what features in your home should be left well enough alone?

No matter what type of renovation project you’ve got planned, it’s smart to put down the chipping hammer when it comes to removing, painting over, or otherwise altering certain features. Sure, the feature might look like an eyesore at first glance, but with some work, it could end up adding character, charm, or integrity to your home, harking back to the period when it was built.

Curious about you should preserve before you pulverize everything in your path? Here are six common features that homeowners should consider leaving untouched, or even restore to their former glory.

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