Flooring Forecast 2021: Here’s What’s Trending in Bathroom Floors

If a well-designed house is like a complete outfit, we like to think of the bathroom as the perfect accessory that ties everything together. It’s a little space with the power to make a big impact and a prime opportunity to make bold design choices—starting at the ground level with great flooring.

From a price and time-commitment perspective, a bathroom renovation is an ideal starting place for any fixer-upper. And because the footprint is small, the bathroom is a natural space to experiment with some up-and-coming flooring trends.

Getting started with your bathroom flooring makeover is as easy as pulling up The Home Depot’s app. First, snap a picture of a flooring style you like and use the app’s Image Search feature to find similar products that will get you the look you love. Then, use the Product Locator to find it at your local store (right down to the aisle). Whether you want to hire a licensed flooring professional or are eager to test your DIY skills with beginner-friendly flooring materials, The Home Depot has the resources to turn your vision into reality.

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