This Is Decor’s Hottest Color Right Now—Can You Guess?

Each year around this time, a plethora of paint companies and design firms start dropping their own Color of the Year, intended to influence the worlds of fashion, home decor, and more for seasons to come.

But there’s something different about the hues of 2022—they’re all kind of the same. Yep, that’s right: There’s an omnipresent green streak in the colors du jour.

First there was Olive Sprig from PPG, and then Behr gave us silvery green Breezeway. Sherwin-Williams jumped on the theme with Evergreen Fog, and Benjamin Moore showed up with October Mist. Even the Brits joined in the fun by including Breakfast Room Green as part of their five-shade 2022 color trends palette.

So what’s the big deal with green hues suddenly? It’s all about nature, baby.

Green is part of “a biophilic trend that brings the outdoors inside the home,” notes Karen Gray-Plaisted of Design Solutions KGP.

“The color green is the literal embodiment of this movement—and we’ve become increasingly sensitive to it during our recent isolation,” adds Debra Kling of her eponymous color consultancy.

Read on for why—and how—this color works as the ideal design choice right now.



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