7 Things Homeowners Still Want in Their Bathrooms, Despite What ‘Experts’ Say

The bathroom is your small haven of quiet and calm. And, as the owner of this most personal of spaces, you should be the one to decide how it looks, right?

But what if the decor elements you really dig aren’t exactly on-trend? Should you listen to the pros for the hottest loo looks right now or follow your own bathroom bliss whether it’s hot or not?

There are two sides to the bathroom design debate. So to help you figure out where you fall, here’s a look at what homeowners still cling to as well as what’s popular right now, according to industry insiders and home show reports.

1. The good ol’ bathtub

“Zero-entry showers are increasingly popular, and busy professionals prefer the efficiency of a shower setup,” says Jose Cardenas, a real estate agent at Sotheby’s International in Tampa, FL. And having an oversized tub in the master bath is definitely a desired luxury item, “if only to daydream about getting into it.”

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