Bring In Calming Vibes: 5 Instagram-Inspired Ways To Do Beautiful Blue in Your Kitchen

Some colors are just meant to inhabit certain spaces of our home. And while blue is often cited as a color meant for bedrooms or bathrooms, we’re seeing more and more of it in kitchens.

Our kitchens have become more social and personal (and less about mere meal prep) as of late. And so it makes sense we’d see more calming colors in lieu of the standard sterile white-on-white designs of years past.

Color psychology will tell us time and time again how balancing and serene the color blue makes us feel,” says designer Daniela Araya, of Spoak. “So it’s only natural that this color is found frequently in kitchens.”

Luckily, making your kitchen the ideal gathering place doesn’t have to be complicated; it might just need a bit more blue. So here are five inspired blue-centered designs from Instagram to consider for your next decor upgrade.


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