Is Your Listing’s ‘Days on Market’ Scaring Off Buyers? Here’s How To Fix It

When homebuyers scan property listings, they’re typically focused on the location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and, of course, the price. But some savvy homebuyers (or their real estate agents) are also paying close attention to another metric: “days on market.”

If your property’s been for sale for too many days, it can seem less desirable to buyers—especially in a heated, competitive seller’s market where most homes move quickly. Ultimately, it can negatively affect the offers you receive. But not to worry. In fact, sellers with a high days on market metric have plenty of options—and maybe some work to do—if they want to make their house fly off the listings page.

Here’s everything sellers need to know about how a high number of days on market can hurt them. And strategies to renew interest in a no-longer-hot property.



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