Essential Lawn Care Tips To Revive Your Winter-Worn Yard

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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the trees are leafing out, and your yard is, well, kind of greening up. But it’s also mostly patchy brown.

It’s no wonder, as winter—and its accompanying snow, ice, and whiplash temperatures—beats up on those slices of backyard heaven.

The good news is, brown grass doesn’t always equal dead grass. And spring is the absolute best time of year to revive all of your turf with a few easy steps.

The temperatures are cool enough for the seed to germinate, and performing upkeep before June will put you in good shape,” says Bryan Clayton, CEO of GreenPal.

Here’s what to do for your yard to make sure it’s summer-ready (and that your maintenance will be even easier the following year).


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