5 Easy, Affordable Bathroom Upgrades Instagram Loves Right Now

Despite the sunlight that now stretches into the formerly dark evenings, we’re still technically in cozy season. Spring weather tends to swing between balmy and frigid, with lots of rain in between.

Misty days are great for flowers, but the dramatic switches between sun and rain can be a little jarring. The antidote? A nice, hot shower or a long soak in the tub at the end (or beginning) of an unpredictable spring day.

So, if your bathroom isn’t a place where you like to linger, maybe it’s time for a little zhuzh in the loo.

We combed Instagram this week for five popular (and affordable) bathroom upgrades that will lend an air of spa-inspired luxury to your space. Here are some easy ideas that won’t break the bank but will make your bathroom an inviting place during soaking season and beyond.

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