You’re on a Zoom call for work and the kids are frantically racing around the sofa where you’re stationed. You’re trying to relax while reading a book in the living room, but your roommate is cranking Netflix and chomping on nachos. And going out for a walk in the city streets is no stress reliever. Far from it!

It’s been a long spring and summer, in which most of us have spent way too much time indoors—and longing for more space. These days, the idea of a home office or backyard playground sounds just as exciting as a hot new neighborhood bar or tropical vacation used to be.

So we decided it was the perfect time to crunch the data to find out where in America you can get the most house for your money. Because, as we learned from a recent survey of home shoppers, buyers’ most-wanted home feature in this age of COVID-19 is more space—indoors and out. We’re here to help, friends!

10. Indianapolis, IN

Median listing price: $299,950
Median price per square foot: $115

Indianapolis is known for its iconic motor speedway and its world-class zoo, but it really should be hailed for its incredible real estate. All across Indy, buyers can find nice-size homes that could make coastal denizens forget about the beach. In the thriving Herron-Morton Place neighborhood, house hunters can pick and choose from gorgeous historic homes for less than the price of a tiny co-op apartment in Boston, New York City, or Washington, DC.

This fully renovated three-bedroom with a third-floor office is on the market for just $465,000, and those who want it all right in downtown can snap up this sprawling Frank Lloyd Wright–inspired, six-bedroom estate with a home gym, sauna, and two-story living room for $1,750,000—you know, the same amount that’ll get you a condo in San Francisco.


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