Could Your Home Seller By Noseblind?

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Homeowners can become “noseblind” to their home’s own smell, and that could be problematic when putting the home up for sale. After all, the smell of a property can have a big influence on buyers’ perceptions of the home. And no one wants to have the smelly house.

Noseblindness happens when a nose detects an odor but determines it’s no longer an annoyance. It then shuts down receptors for that smell. As such, a lingering smell no longer is detected by the homeowner.

“One of the best methods to tell if your home stinks is to leave it,” Bryan Stoddard, handyman and interior designer, told®. “Go away for a day or two, or even a week. Close all windows and doors, shut the blinds, and seal the place up airtight. On return from your holiday, as soon as you open the door, be sure to take a large breath in through the nose. That way you’ll find out what someone new to your home really smells.”

If time isn’t on your side, take a few quick laps around your neighborhood block, and then take a deep breath as soon as you enter the home. Homeowners can also ask a friend or their real estate agent for some honest advice.


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