Pop Quiz! 5 Insightful Questions to Ask the Neighbors Before You Buy That Home

It’s all coming together: You’ve got your eye on a home, and you’ve called your agent at all hours to tour the place repeatedly and make sure it’s absolutely perfect. You’re ready to lock this down and make an offer.

But wait! Have you really gathered all the intel you possibly can?

It’s tough, we know, to get an accurate feel for a neighborhood—especially if you’re new to the area or afraid someone else will swoop in on your dream home if you don’t act fast. Sure, you can check crime rates and do online research about schools and local events. But there’s one other very simple thing you can do to uncover a fountain of immediate info: Talk to the neighbors.

Because who knows the area better than the people who already live there?

Not sure what to ask? Here are five insightful questions that will help you glean some useful info.

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