Rest Meet Relaxation: 5 Cozy-Driven Transformations To Make Your Bedroom a Post-Holiday Retreat

Amid the madness—and mess-making—of decorating, present wrapping, and cookie baking, we’re willing to bet your personal space needs a little TLC (as do you!).

We’d also put money on the fact that, while your living room is lit up by the Christmas tree’s red and green sparkle, your neglected bedroom is starting to feel about as dull and gray as the winter forecast.

Luckily, this time of year isn’t just about celebration. It’s also about slowing down and reflecting on the year behind us and the one ahead.

In the name of our two favorite resolutions—rest and relaxation—we chose five looks to help you transform your bedroom into a bona fide retreat. These designs from Instagram are color-driven and come with just enough individual expression to help you take on whatever 2024 has in store.

Consider these five transformative bedroom looks to help you prepare for the new year.


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