The Real Reason Your Electric Bill Is So High Right Now—and the No-Brainer Way To Lower It

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If you get a major shock every time you open your electricity bill lately, you are far from alone.

According to Bloomberg News, the average American paid about 15% more for electricity in July 2022 than they did the year before. That jolting figure is the most significant 12-month increase since 2006.

So it’s little wonder that these high prices may make you desperate to slash your monthly home energy bill. One of the easiest ways to save big bucks is to simply take a look around your house.

You may be unknowingly increasing your energy bill thanks to the many devices you keep plugged in all the time—even when not in use. Your energy company likely calls them “always-on devices.” But they’re also known as “energy vampires” for good reason: They are sucking your wallet dry.

So let’s look at how you can save money by battling the biggest power-suckers in your home. Your pocketbook—and the environment—will thank you.

What is an energy vampire?

An energy vampire is any device, appliance, or tool continuously using energy, even when in power-off mode. These energy-wasting culprits suck power simply by staying plugged in to your home’s electrical system.


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