Change the Locks—and 7 Other Steps You Should Take To Protect Your Vacant Home After Closing

So you made it through the closing process. Congrats! You’re finally off the emotional roller coaster that is shopping for and bidding on a house. The inspections are complete, the paperwork has been signed, and you have the keys to your new place. Welcome to your new life as a homeowner.

But even though your home purchase is complete, you might not be quite ready to move in. Many buyers delay moving into their new home for a number of reasons. Some might want to ride out the lease at their apartment. Others might be relocating and need to tie up loose ends at their old job.

Regardless of your reason for not moving in right away, one thing is for sure: You should shore up your new home before leaving it vacant.

“You need to keep the property looking good, even if you aren’t there yet,” says Ali Wenzke, author of “The Art of Happy Moving” and a real estate broker at Baird and Warner in Winnetka, IL.

Experts recommend you take the following steps—not just for aesthetic reasons but also as a safety precaution.


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