Tips for Moving Over the Holidays

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Packing up and moving your home can be stressful any time of the year. But the process is especially overwhelming if you’re planning to relocate in December or January.

Try these tips to rejoice in the holiday spirit while managing to pack your things and move.

Move right after Christmas

The best way to actually enjoy the holidays despite having to move is to make your moving day after Dec. 25. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is a very low-key week — most people take off work and many spend the week with family and friends. So why not move the weekend after Christmas and utilize all of the extra help from family and friends who are sure to be around?

Keeping in the holiday spirit

If you are able to wait until after the holidays to move, then do so. You can make life a lot easier on yourself and your family. A great way to handle the packing process is to decorate for the holidays as you usually do. However, instead of placing your normal, everyday decor in the basement or nearest closet … just pack it up! Aim to pack everything (within reason) but the holiday item so that the only accessories you need to worry about packing after the holidays are the few bins of decorations that you had out.


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